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Emergency Food Bags

Each of our clients will

receive one E-Bag

containing five days of

nonperishable entirely prepared food

in case inclement weather

prevents our drivers from

delivering the regular hot meals.  

If you or your organization

are interested in collecting 

food, please contact our

office at 589-1685.




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Our Board Of Directors  

Has a Heart for Service!

Lisa Himes, Chair

Ann Cagle, Vice Chair

Jackie Geer, Secretary

Kendra Stribling, Treasurer

Bertha Armstrong

Helen Carter

Joe Chesser

George Gorman

Jeff Haislip

Ronald Krauss

Bonnie Nix

Tracey Williams


Fluvanna Meals on Wheels, Inc. Fact Sheet


  Meals on Wheels delivers 330+ meals each week to our 70+ clients. We delivered our first meals in February of 2008. To date, we have served 224 clients and have delivered more than 74,000 meals!​

  We currently have 6 existing routes of which our sixth route was just added in October 2010 in the southern part of the county. Our drivers for the 6 routes drive more than 200 miles every day.​

  It takes 14 volunteers each day to pack and deliver the meals and staff the office. We have 6 routes, and some routes have 2 volunteers delivering. We have volunteers working daily to man the office and a volunteer coordinator who is on call daily as well arranging driving and kitchen schedules. We rely almost completely on volunteers in order to keep our overhead low so that we can help more seniors in need.​

 Most of our clients are Social Services referrals and live well below the poverty line and are not in a position to pay for the meals.​

 The total cost per year is over $100,000! The actual cost of meals increases or decreases as our client base fluctuates. This cost does not include other expenses incurred such as the cost of food containers, office expenses, and advertising for fundraising events.​

  We currently do not receive any federal, state, or local funding and rely strictly on donations and fundraising events in order to continue to deliver meals.​

  We have entered into a partnership with the FSPCA. If a client is in need of food for their dog or cat, the FSPCA will provide the food and our volunteers will deliver it.